Minggu, 21 September 2008



I am azi, left foto is my daughter anet in pink (11 yrs old, Me (Azi),My son JJ in Yellow (8 years old) and yuki ( a friend with chinesse pinkd dress 8 years old).I live in Jepara,I was graduated from Muria Kudus University (English Teaching Department) I gain SPd as my tittle (Sarjana Pendidikan /Education Bachelor), and I studied again in another language in AKABA 17 Semarang (Dutch and French language),I love cooking, I open my cafe 1997 when Indonesia suffered from monetery crisis ,dollars were up and MR Suharto (late president) was down,It was tough but suprisingly it was big HIT ,It was the first western restaurant and cafe in Jepara, Central Java,Indonesia,I start with few table...make my own brown bread, pizza and few others...I had experience of cooking begun in Switzerland in 1996 a friend of mine name Gazer (Restaurant Du Soleil in Leysin ,Switzerland) taught me cooking, also in holland and germany..., I love to share some recipes, hopefully you re going to love it, my favorite cook is Eugene Pauli, I guess his book is my sources of cooking

loves .